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  • 20th July 2018

What our customers think of us

reviews Spalding gym

What our customers think of us

What our customers think of us 1000 513 admin

We have a great many customers who have very kindly taken a few minutes out to write reviews on Definitions Health and Fitness.  We do appreciate it.

So we have now got these reviews live on our website.  You can view them on the homepage and some other pages, as we roll out this new feature.

But even more than that, you too can submit a review without using Google or even Facebook.

Great gym, lots of equipment, no waiting to use the kit and dedicated areas to suit everyone’s needs.
The PT team are really helpful, giving assistance with training, nutrition and positive encouragement.
It’s a Family run gym that in my opinion makes you feel the every member matters.

Martyn Harrell

Love this gym. Great machines, especially the new air assault runners. Friendly staff. Clean facilities.
Highly recommended.

Mark Harris

Fantastic atmosphere and really friendly staff. Best gym I have been to and i have been to a lot!

Daniel Ruscillo

Fun Gym with postive, helpful staff. Very well priced offering some classes and tailored training sessions. Also a ‘ Women’s Room’s.

Dowling The Bakuninbot

Good gym, lots of space and no real over crowding problems! Plenty of machines and free weights making This my first choice in the area.


Very good gym, plenty of space, big car park

Justas Leleiva

Best gym in Spalding.

blaine robinson

Excellent gym, very friendly staff, superb range of equipment. Female only gym is good if you prefer some privacy. Good range of classes as well.

Jane Hickford

Nice atmosphere and staff. Few rooms for cardio, weight lifting and weight machines. There is café where can enjoy drink.

Pawel Banas

Very nice gym good playlist and nice equipment

James Baskerville-Mills

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