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  • 1st March 2018

Brand new website launched

new website for Spalding gym

Brand new website launched

Brand new website launched 900 497 admin

We are very pleased and excited to announced a brand new website for Definitions Health and Fitness.

Our old site had been running for a fair while, but it was well overdue a huge overhaul.  We were approached by local company Lincolnshire Website Designer 79DESIGN just up the road from us as they had a look at it as well, and came to see our owner Jack.  Being so local, means their support is the best it could possible be.

After a really good chat, it was decided that we would have this website redone, more modern, making good use of the gym’s facilities to highlight the extraordinary amount of gym kit we have.  They took all the photos for us, and with Jack’s guidance, helped make the website brilliant.

definitions health and fitness logo

We have future plans too, with which we are working closely with our website team, to bring some exciting online features.  Our Spalding Gym has brilliant facilities and with this newly design website, these facilities can really be shown on in a far better way, both on your PC and even on your mobile device; it’s the way of the future! (tho we all do it today, don’t we).

We hope you like the website.  Please do let us know what you think.  We have a new Testimonials area on the site too – click here – so do write in.

Jack would like to thank Simon for his great efforts and ongoing support with the website, and huge work with us after with setting up the email accounts on our various devices.  Once the re-decoration is done, new photos and new content will be added.

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