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New Smudge Clothing Range

Smudge Fitness clothing range is launched Sunday 4th November here at Definitions Health and Fitness in Spalding.  It is available for pre-orders.  Soon to be available online!

We have photos here for you to see our staff wearing ur new Smudge Fitnesse range of clothing.  these including:

  • jogging bottoms
  • hoodies
  • t-shirts
  • vests
  • three-quarter t-shirts
  • leggins
  • laptop bag and gym bags.
  • Hats.

These will be on this website to purchase in the very near future, to buy securely.

Until then, you can buy instore, or if you see what you like above, give us a call and place an order over the phone on our reception number: 01775760137.

smudge clothing logo

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New Classes Room

We have new classes called Functional Fitness: first half we will cover one functional strength movement (squats, dead lifts, shoulder press), followed by half hour of HIIT style workout to get your heart rate up and pumping.

This is all in the new classes room.  Photos shown below.  It has been recently renovated to a much higher standard to create a better atmosphere for these functional fitness classes.  We also do Spinnin’ and Abs in this new classes room.

CrossFit – in Spalding?

Does Spalding need CrossFit?  Are you interested in CrossFit and really trying to find a local gym that can do sessions?  Give us a call.

We have anywhere between 15 and 25 members attend these classes each week in this new room.  So plenty of space for many attendees.

To get more details on our classes, click here.

Here is a gallery of our newly done classes room for Functional Fitness.

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What our customers think of us 1000 513 admin

What our customers think of us

We have a great many customers who have very kindly taken a few minutes out to write reviews on Definitions Health and Fitness.  We do appreciate it.

So we have now got these reviews live on our website.  You can view them on the homepage and some other pages, as we roll out this new feature.

But even more than that, you too can submit a review without using Google or even Facebook.

Great gym, lots of equipment, no waiting to use the kit and dedicated areas to suit everyone’s needs.
The PT team are really helpful, giving assistance with training, nutrition and positive encouragement.
It’s a Family run gym that in my opinion makes you feel the every member matters.

Martyn Harrell

Love this gym. Great machines, especially the new air assault runners. Friendly staff. Clean facilities.
Highly recommended.

Mark Harris

Fantastic atmosphere and really friendly staff. Best gym I have been to and i have been to a lot!

Daniel Ruscillo

Fun Gym with postive, helpful staff. Very well priced offering some classes and tailored training sessions. Also a ‘ Women’s Room’s.

Dowling The Bakuninbot

Good gym, lots of space and no real over crowding problems! Plenty of machines and free weights making This my first choice in the area.


Very good gym, plenty of space, big car park

Justas Leleiva

Best gym in Spalding.

blaine robinson

Excellent gym, very friendly staff, superb range of equipment. Female only gym is good if you prefer some privacy. Good range of classes as well.

Jane Hickford

Nice atmosphere and staff. Few rooms for cardio, weight lifting and weight machines. There is café where can enjoy drink.

Pawel Banas

Very nice gym good playlist and nice equipment

James Baskerville-Mills
new website for Spalding gym
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Brand new website launched

We are very pleased and excited to announced a brand new website for Definitions Health and Fitness.

Our old site had been running for a fair while, but it was well overdue a huge overhaul.  We were approached by local company Lincolnshire Website Designer 79DESIGN just up the road from us as they had a look at it as well, and came to see our owner Jack.  Being so local, means their support is the best it could possible be.

After a really good chat, it was decided that we would have this website redone, more modern, making good use of the gym’s facilities to highlight the extraordinary amount of gym kit we have.  They took all the photos for us, and with Jack’s guidance, helped make the website brilliant.

definitions health and fitness logo

We have future plans too, with which we are working closely with our website team, to bring some exciting online features.  Our Spalding Gym has brilliant facilities and with this newly design website, these facilities can really be shown on in a far better way, both on your PC and even on your mobile device; it’s the way of the future! (tho we all do it today, don’t we).

We hope you like the website.  Please do let us know what you think.  We have a new Testimonials area on the site too – click here – so do write in.

Jack would like to thank Simon for his great efforts and ongoing support with the website, and huge work with us after with setting up the email accounts on our various devices.  Once the re-decoration is done, new photos and new content will be added.