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October 2018

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New Classes Room

We have new classes called Functional Fitness: first half we will cover one functional strength movement (squats, dead lifts, shoulder press), followed by half hour of HIIT style workout to get your heart rate up and pumping.

This is all in the new classes room.  Photos shown below.  It has been recently renovated to a much higher standard to create a better atmosphere for these functional fitness classes.  We also do Spinnin’ and Abs in this new classes room.

CrossFit – in Spalding?

Does Spalding need CrossFit?  Are you interested in CrossFit and really trying to find a local gym that can do sessions?  Give us a call.

We have anywhere between 15 and 25 members attend these classes each week in this new room.  So plenty of space for many attendees.

To get more details on our classes, click here.

Here is a gallery of our newly done classes room for Functional Fitness.